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Emily-Pocock-Brighton Musician photography with smoke & fabric by Photographer Emma Bailey at Studio 13

Emily Pocock

I used a smoke machine and fabric on this recent collaboration with Emily Pocock, a young Brighton musician, to create atmospheric imagery for her music. Emily also has trained in dance, which added great movement to the shoot. I made a playist of music she liked in advance, so she had a good atmosphere to work with. I used 2 x Arri 800w as backlights and placed the smoke machine in the middle. Occasionally using a 3xAstra LED light above […]

Dark-Rust-Brighton Musician UV Photography by Photographer Emma Bailey-at Studio 13

Dark Rust

Dark Rust is a minimal, darkwave musician who needed atmospheric photography to reflect his style of music. Emma used UV lighting, paint and tape in the studio to evoke the feeling of his music. Emma used 2x UV LED Blacklights, one above the camera light the keyboard, the other behind the musician, backlighting the smoke. The LED’s were only 36W, they gave a great affect, but were still low light so we used a high ISO, low F-stop, the camera […]